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Display (Retail) Rates

6 Column Format - SAU

Effective Date: January 2nd 2015
Open Display Rate.............. $10.60 pci


(Based On a Calendar Month)
25 to 49 col. inches$8.30 pci
50 to 149 col. inches$8.00 pci
150 to 249 col. inches$7.50 pci
250 to 449 col. inches$7.20 pci
450 to 599 col. inches$6.75 pci
600 to 799 col. inches$6.25 pci
800 to 1199 col. inches$5.55 pci
1200 to 1499 col. inches$5.30 pci
1500 col. inches and over$5.00 pci

1 Color $120.00
2 Colors$175.00
3 Or More Colors$200.00
NOTE:  All rates are NET – No discounts/commissions may be deducted from these rates

Rates effective through December 31, 2015
(All rates listed below are for full circulation distribution only, and based on a calendar year.)

1st through the 20th inserts $50.00M Net
21st through the 39th inserts$47.00M Net
40th through the 49th inserts $44.00M Net
50th insert and over $40.00M Net

The following specifications must be met when delivering inserts to The Progress:
  1. A quantity of 9,600 inserts is needed to be considered full circulation. Zoning is available according to our delivery routes.  A minimum of 5,000 inserts is required, but a $25 fee will be charged for zoning. Ask a Sales Representative for details.
  2. Inserts larger than 11 ½ inches x 14 inches when folded, must be quarter-folded prior to delivery.
  3. All inserts must be bundled or boxed, and palletized for delivery. Delivery hours are 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. No after-hours, weekend, or holiday deliveries will be accepted.
  4. “Piggyback” inserts (a different size insert within an insert) will be charged an additional $5.00M.
  5. Inserts over 24 pages will be charged an additional $5.00M for every 16 pages over 24.
  6. Inserts should be scheduled at least 10 days prior to insertion, and they must be in our possession at least 5 days prior to insertion.

If you have any questions, please contact your Progress sales representative, or contact us at:
Phone 814-765-9495
Fax 814-765-5165

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