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The Progress Home >> Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - Bradford Twp. names slate of officers for 2011

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Bradford Twp. names slate of officers for 2011
Tuesday, January 4, 2011
By Liza Matia Staff Writer
WOODLAND - Bradford Township reorganized last night and named Bill Graham as chairman, with Ron Maines vice chairman and Linda Wooster, secretary/treasurer. Charles Read formerly held the chairman position.
The supervisors set the secretary's wages at $11.50 per hour and considered raising the wage later. The treasurer's bond remains set at $650,000. The township decided not to give the auditors a pay raise and set roadmaster Ron Woodling's wage at $12.75 per hour. Woodling was also given the authority to make purchases for maintenance of building and equipment and all other township property and office supplies.
Bradford Township's mileage rate was increased from 50 cents per mile to the Internal Revenue Service rate of 51 cents per mile. All ordinances and resolutions will remain as written.
The township set the real estate tax at 6 mills for general purposes, wage tax at half percent for residents and 1 percent for non-residents, real estate transfer tax at half percent, and local services tax at $47, fire hydrant special assessment at 1 mill, and streetlight special assessment for $20 per lot.
Betsy Dupuis of Babst, Calland, Clements and Zomnir of State College will remain the main contact for legal counsel.
At its reorganizational meeting, Bradford Township chose to appoint Stiffler McGraw of Hollidaysburg as its engineering firm. Herbert, Rowland and Grubic Inc. of State College had served as the engineering firm for the past 16 years.
First Commonwealth Bank and Pennsylvania Local Government Investment Trust were appointed as depositories for township funds. CNB Bank was appointed as the depository for Christine W. Amon, Bradford Township tax collector.
Rodney Buck was appointed to another five-year term on the Woodland-Bigler Area Authority at the request of the authority. Claude Swanson retained his seat as vacancy board chairman and Brandon Wallace remains the emergency management coordinator. Terry Wilkinson retained his role as sewage enforcement officer with Wilson Fisher of Hess and Fisher Engineers Inc. as the alternate.
Ray Luzier was appointed to perform maintenance on the Small Flow Treatment Facilities at a rate of $5 per system plus mileage. The monthly maintenance fee for Small Flow Treatment Facilities remains at $20 per month. Any new systems now require a dechlorinator and dechlorination tablets.
The township is still having a problem with some small flow treatment system owners not paying their monthly maintenance fee until the township takes them to the magisterial district judge. The township previously took legal action when the bill was $200 past due, but reduced that figure to $120.
Read was appointed as the Highway Safety Commission chairman, with Maines as vice chairman. The township also voted to order signs as needed.
Office hours were set Monday through Thursday from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. Regular meeting times were set for the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m., except when there is a holiday. November's meeting will be held Nov. 2. Two meetings will be advertised each month, but the second meeting, scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month, will be held only if needed.
Amon was appointed to collect the Wage and Local Services Tax for the township for 2011. The tax collector's commission rate is currently 5 percent for real estate and street light and fire hydrant special assessment and 3.5 percent for the local service and wage tax. Any changes to this rate need to be adopted prior to the primary election nominating petition opening. This allows anyone running for the position to know what their compensation would be. This rate cannot be changed during the tax collector's term in office.
Joyce Undercofler was reappointed as the township's representative on the Clearfield County Tax Collection Committee, with Wooster as the alternate.
Maines was appointed as administrative supervisor for drug testing, with Read to serve as subsupervisor. Graham was designated to officially declare emergencies in the township when necessary.
The three supervisors and the secretary were certified as delegates to attend the State Association's annual convention.
The township also held its regular meeting last night and presented the results of the state Department of Environmental Protection's noise tests at the Rosebud Mining tipple. The study was conducted in July as a result of complaints from residents who neighbor the facility.
The study showed that the loudest noises coming from the plant were a truck tailgate slamming, which registered at 78 decibels, and a loaded triaxle truck traveling between destinations, which was 84 decibels. A UPS truck traveling near the plant registered at 64 decibels. The study determined that while the noise from the general operations of the plant may vary, the noise did not exceed the background sounds of vehicles traveling on the road. DEP also found that normal conversation registered at a higher decibel than noise from the tipple.
Also at last night's meeting, the supervisors approved a road use agreement for Green River Energy Resources Inc. of Columbia Falls, Mont., to haul equipment in excess of 10 tons on various township roads to perform seismic testing. The supervisors advised residents to get their well water tested so it is certified when the seismic testing crews arrive.
The township received a compliance audit report of the Bigler-Jackson-Woodland Firefighter's Relief Association for the period of Jan. 1, 2007, to Dec. 31, 2009. This is the first year in approximately eight years in which there were no major issues reported in the audit.
The next regular meeting is Jan. 19 at 4:01 p.m. The meeting will be held only if necessary.
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