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Tentative budget in place in Coalport
Tuesday, December 4, 2012
By Terry Whetstone Staff Writer
COALPORT - Following last night's regular monthly meeting, Coalport Borough now has a tentative budget in place and will adopt it at a special meeting later this month in the community building.
The 2013 budget shows the expected revenue is nearly $25,600 less than last year. The budget committee expects the borough to bring in $119,715 next year and anticipates spending $109,280. That will give the borough a surplus of just over $10,400.
Council also expects to spend all of the Liquid Fuels money, totaling $26,900.
There is no increase and the millage will remain at 28.
The council once again discussed Mosso's Sanitation. Last month owner Kevin Mosso attended the meeting and asked council to make his trash collection company the sole trash collector in the borough.
That request was met with a 45-minute discussion, which led to some council members saying the council should not be telling the residents who they should be using for trash collection.
"I don't think as a council member I have a right to tell the residents who they have to use as a trash hauler," council member Jon Gallaher said last month.
It was decided to contact the borough solicitor, which council president Joe Nevling did the following day.
Each of the council members received a copy of the letter from the solicitor and Nevling summed it up by saying the solicitor does not recommend dictating to the residents who they should have collecting their trash, it should but up to them.
Nevling asked the council members if they were OK with the fact the mayor's office was temporarily out of the borough. Even though it is, borough secretary Donna Peterson has been in contact with the mayor.
Council told Peterson to get in touch with the mayor and find out what the status is of the office being relocated to the borough. In the meantime, anyone who needs something from the mayor should contact the borough offices at 672-5973, regardless of where the mayor's office is.
The matter will be addressed when council meets to adopt the budget.
Council member Joe Adam said he is not very happy with the way the borough employees are filling out their paperwork.
He said he's not asking for a 27-page report, just that they complete the form properly so he can see what has been done throughout the borough each day.
Adam passed forms around the to the other council members to look at and to get their opinions.
Gallaher said it looks like they are being smart about it and basically making fun of the request.
"This person has asked me for a raise, and then he turns in paperwork like this," Adam said. "Show me what you're doing first, then we'll consider a raise."
Adam also noted the borough garage was left open during the day recently and some items disappeared. He said from now on it would have to be locked if no one is there.
Nevling said that used to be the policy even if they were just going around the block, if you leave a building, you lock it up.
Council member Jack Rupp said the employees are to start doing that once again.
In other business, council:
  • agreed to either repair or replace the lights at the park that are out. If they can't be repaired they have permission to replace them.
  • will notify the Clearfield State Police of weekend vandalism at Beechwood Park. Someone tore up the fields and left huge ruts in them.
  • is trying to get in touch with parole officers to find out what guidelines they should have for people doing community service work and for clearances since there is a preschool in the community building.
  • heard that Nevling did contact Magisterial District Justice Jim Hawkins about council member Bill Washell issuing tickets throughout the borough for parking violations. Hawkins said he needs a copy of the borough minutes allowing Washell to write tickets, he needs a copy of the ordinance and he needs to review the ticket book.
  • agreed to purchase $25 worth of gasoline for an employee who used his personal vehicle for five-hours of work recently when the borough trucks were out of service.
  • discussed pipes and drains that will be cleaned and replaced.
  • heard an abandoned house on Forest Street will be demolished in the near future and some excavation work will be done on the property there.
  • agreed to give the employees $50 gift certificates to Leyo's Supermarket for Christmas.
  • agreed to change the name of the fire and police committee to the Public Awareness Committee, effective in January.
  • agreed that Washell is allowed to do a website for the borough, provided nothing gets posted without council approval.
  • agreed to sell old street signs for $10 each to anyone who wishes to have one, while supplies last.


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