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Lawrence Township Supervisors to send letter opposing landfill
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
By Jeff Corcino Staff Writer
The Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors voted to send a letter reiterating its opposition to the proposed Camp Hope Run landfill for Boggs Township at its meeting last night.
PA Waste LLC is proposing to construct municipal waste landfill on a 2,000-acre site off of state Route 153 in Boggs Township. It is expected to operate for 25 years and have a capacity of accepting 5,000 tons of waste per day.
The state Department of Environmental Protection is holding a public meeting on the proposal on Jan. 22 at 7 p.m. at the Lighthouse Church.
However, since the meeting conflicts with the supervisors meeting, the supervisors decided to instead have Secretary/Treasurer Barbara Shaffner and Supervisor William Lawhead write a letter detailing the township's opposition to the landfill.
Chairman Glenn Johnston said the township would receive no benefit from the landfill while incurring additional costs.
"All we are going to get is the aggravation," Johnston said.
Because the proposed truck route to the landfill goes through the township Johnston said the township is going to incur greater costs to clean up the accidents and spills from the truck traffic while not getting additional revenue from it.
The landfill is expected to generate 250 trucks a day, which are to travel through the township by way of Interstate 80, to exit 120 onto state Route 879 to the Park Avenue off ramp onto SR 153 to the landfill, according to a previous article in The Progress.
There was some discussion on moving the township's meeting so it wouldn't conflict with the DEP meeting but Johnston said they have attended three of these meetings already and didn't think it was worth going to another one.
In other business:
• at the reorganizational meeting Johnston was re-appointed as chairman and Lawhead as vice chair and roadmaster. Johnston was also appointed as police liaison.
The other appointments are as follows:
• Barbara Shaffner as secretary/treasurer with a 3 percent increase in pay to put her at $16.38 per hour. She did not receive a pay increase last year. Her vacations, holidays and benefits will be the same as the road crew; Agatha Lauder English as code enforcement officer with a 3 percent increase in pay to put her at $11.58 per hour. She did not receive an increase last year; Mark Brooks as interim police chief with compensation as per contract; Naddeo & Lewis of Clearfield as township solicitor with a retainer of $1,200 per month; Melissa Farmery and Jamie Collins as animal control officers at $212.85 per month; Ed Lanich as crossing guard with a 3 percent increase in pay. Last year he was paid $8.64 per hour; Heather Olson as receptionist for the police department with a 3 percent increase in pay to put her at $9.54 per hour; Carmen Barba and Howard Hunt as recycling personnel at a rate of pay of $9.24, which is a 3-percent increase from last year; CNB Bank as trustee for the general employee pension fund and appoint Shaffner as chief executive officer for the employee pension funds; Kelly McCracken as township tax collector at a 3-percent commission; Walter Hopkins of Clearfield as auditor; Stiffler McGraw & Associates as engineer; Pennsafe Inspection Agency as Building Code Officer and building inspector; Shaffner as voting delegate to the Clearfield County Tax Collection Committee with Leslie Stott as the alternate; Jack Woolridge to the vacancy board; Kim Kesner of Clearfield as solicitor for the zoning hearing board; and Zachary Lawhead as maintenance worker at $10 per hour and to fire the furnace at a rate of $7.25 per hour.
The supervisors also voted to keep its meeting dates and times the same, the first and third Tuesday of every month starting at 7 p.m. at the township building on George Street.
The supervisors voted to keep all of its taxes the same, they are as follows, real estate tax 18 mills, wage tax ½ of 1 percent, Local Services Tax $52 a year, real estate transfer tax ½ of 1-percent, amusement tax $50 for the first machine plus $25 for each additional machine.
At the regular voting meeting the supervisors voted to:
• appoint Amanda Thompson of Clearfield to the planning commission.
• approve the zoning ordinance requested by Martell Glass.
• sign all necessary documents necessary for the tax anticipation note.
Currently the township has a post office box but is planning to phase it out and instead have the mail delivered directly to the township building.
• approve the request by Punxsutawney Borough to send police officers to Punxsutawney on Groundhog's Day, Feb. 1 and 2, as long as the police officers volunteer their time to do so.
Punxsutawney is not reimbursing the township for the police officers.
Punxsutawney is making the request because in the past the state police provided much of the coverage for the event but is cutting back its presence significantly this year.
The supervisors also voted to allow the police officers that go to take a township police car.
• authorize Shaffner to complete the documents to have mail delivered directly to the township building.
The township is planning to continue use both the post office box and its new mailing address at the building until it uses up its supply of stationary and checks so it doesn't have to go through the time and expense of having the township's mailing address changed on them.
• Sgt. James Glass provided the statistics for the police department for 2012.
They are incidents investigated: domestic 127, aggravated assault/harassment 449, sexual assault/rape 21, drug violations 120, burglaries 82, disorderly conduct 228, public drunkenness 131, DUI 55, accidents 383, arsons 7, robbery 4, total incidents 9,586.
Glass said these numbers reflect the number of incidents reported and investigated not the number of convictions.
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