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The Progress Home >> Monday, January 21, 2013 - Two airlifted after falling through ice

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Two airlifted after falling through ice
Monday, January 21, 2013
By Terry Whetstone Staff Writer
CURWENSVILLE - Two men are fighting for their lives today after falling through the ice at Curwensville Lake this morning.
Travis Goodman, chief of Rescue Hose and Ladder Co. of Curwensville, said they were dispatched at about 7:10 a.m. for two men through the ice at the area of the boat launch of the lake. He said prior to that the men were in the water for about 15 minutes.
Goodman said they were about 300 yards out on the ice, in an area where the water and the ice meet. He said it was not completely frozen and the men were heavier.
He said there was only about three inches of ice where they were and one man went through the ice.
One of the men's friends was retreating to call for help, and saw a third individual heading to the lake to go ice fishing with them, when the one man stopped him and told him to call 911.
Goodman said a second male went on the ice to help his friend, but he also went through the ice.
"They were holding on to the ice when we got there," Goodman said. "They were submerged from the chest down in water."
He said the water temperature was about 30 degrees, the air was about 20 and the wind was much colder than that.
Goodman said he sent two of his men certified in that type of rescue onto the lake with ropes and lines, and they were able to rescue both men and get them to the shore, where medical personnel were waiting for them.
He didn't have names of the patients, but said they were older, probably in their 50s.
The area the men went through is also the area of where current is, so again, they were lucky in that respect.
"They're not out of the woods yet," Goodman said. "They've got quite a recovery time ahead of them. They were turning dark blue."
He said he would say they are in serious condition.
Firefighters didn't need the rescue boat, but they did have it with them.
Approximately 15 firefighters from Curwensville responded, as did medical personnel from Rescue Hose and Ladder Emergency Medical Services, Clearfield EMS and Glen Richey Quick Response Service.
"There was a good response by all," Goodman said. "Everyone did an excellent job."
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