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The Progress Home >> Tuesday, February 5, 2013 - Coalport Boro responds to employee's accident

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Coalport Boro responds to employee's accident
Tuesday, February 5, 2013
By Terry Whetstone Staff Writer
COALPORT - During last night's Coalport Borough Council meeting, at the borough chambers in the Community Building on Forrest Street, there was an executive session that lasted about 30 minutes pertaining to personnel matters.
When council returned to regular session, they continued with the agenda, then when they arrived at the personnel committee they discussed the borough truck had been involved in an accident while being driven by employee Joe Ryan. Joe Adam, committee chairman, said Ryan backed the vehicle into a 2012 personal vehicle and did some damage to the personal vehicle. Adam said he has the accident report.
He said council was going to have to issue Ryan a verbal warning, according to policy.
Adam then proceeded to tell council, according to the rules and regulations; all employees are to be courteous and respectful to all borough residents and council members, regardless of the situation.
Adam said there was an issue that happened at Minit Mart recently and Ryan was in a confrontation with a resident.
Council said regardless of the situation and no matter how hard it would have been, Ryan should have walked away from the situation and reported it to council members.
Council president Joe Nevling said, "Council would have handled it, even if we'd have to call the police."
Council said Ryan violated the rules and regulations, and he must be given a verbal warning about that as well. It was noted that council may not agree with how Ryan was treated, but unfortunately the rules and regulations were violated and action must be taken.
Remaining with employees, Adam asked if secretary Donna Peterson would be able to write grants for the borough and any grants she may obtain for the borough, she would receive one percent of that grant. Peterson said she could do that and Kathy Oshell made a motion with a second from Bill Washell. The motion carried unanimously. Adam said council was planning to pay an man the Glendale Industrial Development Authority had a little while back and he said " That didn't pan out the way is should have.
Remaining with grants, Nevling is concerned if the flood control project doesn't keep moving the money that has been set aside for it may disappear. "If that happens, any money we spent out of it we are reliable for."
Peterson said she would make some phone calls and try to see what is going on.
Council member Bill Washell said since he has started writing parking tickets he has collected $250 for the borough. Council said it's not a money making scheme it's to get people to abide by the parking laws in the borough.
In a related matter, handicap parking signs were discussed and one sign has a $25 fine for parking there in front of the Moose. Council advised the employees to get that sign down today.
Adam asked council if it would buy Washell $10-$15 a month in gasoline for him using his personal vehicle to go around town and enforce the parking. Council agreed to do that. It was also noted that Washell goes out about two or three times a day.
Council agreed to charge a $35 fee for any checks that are written for parking tickets that are returned for insufficient funds.
Vice president John Rupp said the fire company had a busy weekend. He said they had a call with Irvona on Saturday on Frailey Road for a possible structure fire and he said it was a ceiling fan that went bad. Sunday the fire company transferred to Houtzdale for stand by for a fire there, then they had an automatic fire alarm in Madera and then Sunday night he noted they assisted Irvona with a house fire. Rupp said the firefighters did a great job there saving the home.
Ironically just after he gave that report, the fire whistle blew for a flue fire two buildings down from the borough building.
In other business, council:
• received a letter from a resident asking why there are no junior council members. Rupp said it was attempted in the past but no one was interested. He said council would be happy to have younger people show an interest in the borough.
• advised the Marcellus shale gas money will be used for street repairs and drainage and the website is being worked on.
• will be applying for the inmates from Houtzdale for this summer to help with street repairs.
• heard the employees are nearly out of salt and Rupp noted it was approved earlier to purchase salt when it's needed, the employees just need to let Peterson know to order it.
• heard John Tyler wants to cut some trees down near the park and council is trying to determine if they belong to the borough or not.
• heard there was a boiler inspection recently and the inspector has some concerns. Council will work on the changes in the summer.
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