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The Progress Home >> Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - Local school board members keep seats

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Local school board members keep seats
Wednesday, November 6, 2013
In local school board elections Dr. Michael Spencer, Republican/Democrat, Jennifer Wallace, R/D, and Mary Anne Wesdock, R/D, were all re-elected to the Clearfield Area Board of School Directors, along with newcomer Rodney Rishel, R/D.
Spencer received 2,471 votes or 24 percent, Rishel received 2,326 votes or 22.59 percent, Mary Anne Wesdock Jackson received 2,354 votes or 22.86 percent and Wallace received 2,348 votes or 22.8 percent of the vote. There were also 797 write-in votes for these four seats and there were 913 write-in votes for the other open director at large seat.
In the Curwensville Area School District four candidates, Susan R. Wingard, R/D; Jeffrey N. Shaffer, R/D; Robert K. Witherite, R/D; and Mary Ann Rafferty, D, were elected to serve as school directors at large.
Wingard received 1,103 votes or 23.09 percent, Shaffer received 936 votes or 19.6 percent, Witherite received 1,070 votes or 22.4 percent and Rafferty received 811 votes or 16.98 percent. A fifth candidate Matt Nelen, R received 774 votes or 16.21 percent. There were 82 write-in votes.
In the Moshannon Valley Area School District, four candidates were elected. Robert E. Reed Jr. R/D received 885 votes, 23.09 percent; John Bacher III, R/D, 904 votes, 23.59 percent; Kris A. Bacher, R, 709 votes, 18.5 percent; and Stacey Warrick-Williams, R/D, 783 votes, 20.43 percent; were elected to the board. A fifth candidate Ruth Saupp, D, received 535 votes or 13.96 percent of the vote. There were 16 write-in votes.
In the Purchase Line Area School District, four candidates were elected William Pearce, R/D, received 262 votes 24.44 percent; Sandra Fyock, R/D, 252, 23.51 percent; Scott Gearhart, R/D, 22.85 percent; and Joshua Hopkins, R/D 107, 9.98 percent. There were 206 write-in votes.
Pearce was also unopposed in the other director at large seat receiving received 144 votes or 56.69 percent; there were 110 write-in votes or 43.31 percent.
In the DuBois Area School District, District A election Lee A. Mitchell, R, 691 votes 51.49 percent defeated Thomas E. Shade, D, 630 votes, 46.94 percent.
There were 21 write in votes.
In the District B election two candidates were elected Lawrence Joseph Salone, R, 1,435 votes, 34.7 percent, and Timothy A. Deluccia, R/D, 1,460 votes, 35.30 percent were elected. A third candidate, Margaret S Repine, D, received 868 votes or 20.99 percent. There were 373 write-in votes.
In the District C election, Melissa A. Mowrey R/D was unopposed, she received 325 votes or 99.39 percent, there were two write-in votes.
In the Harmony Area School District election Norman Ross Fry, R/D was unopposed in the Region II election and received 132 votes or 91.03 percent; there were 13 write-in votes.
In the director at large election Betty Kinsman, R/D, was unopposed. She received 316 votes or 92.13 percent. There were 27 write-in votes.
In the Region III election, Christin M. Kurtz, D, was unopposed and received 171 votes or 95.53 percent; there were eight write-in votes.
In the Glendale Area School District Region III election, Theo Sinclair, R/D, 110 votes, 50.46 percent and Richard Gene Gates, R/D, 92 votes 42.20 percent were elected. There were 16 write-in votes.
There were no candidates in the Region II election; there were 156 write-in votes cast.
In the West Branch Area School District election for the four at large seats the three candidates Chad Diviney, R/D, 695 votes, 34.53 percent Timothy L. Kephart, R/D, 397 votes, 19.72 percent, and Melvin G. Smeal, R, 492 votes 24.44 percent were elected; there were 429 write-in votes.
There were also no candidates in the other West Branch School District director at large election, 277 write-in votes were cast.
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